SKULL GB, What's behind the brand

Skull GB is not a large multinational, nor a magazine cover brand. We are a group of people who have put a lot of effort and a lot of work into creating a unique product. We are dreamers who want to grow with you and thanks to you. Because our main objective is you to be the ambassador of our brand.

We are convinced that what you are wearing makes you different and can make you feel yourself. Our designs are created to inspire and reaffirm your lifestyle.

Skull GB nace con la idea de crear una marca de ropa para todo el mundo con diseños novedosos y atrevidos basados en calaveras. Creemos en lo que hacemos y estamos orgullosos de nuestro trabajo.

Thank you for trusting SKULL GB.

Why is Skull GB a brand with skulls?

The answer to this question can be easily intuited in our logo. We just love them. Skulls represent our identity as a brand and our fighting spirit. We have created a brand for rebels, hipsters, fighters, people with character and personality and at the same time do not neglect image. Wearing a skull on a shirt can be something beautiful, fun and even elegant.

So we could say that we have created a brand for us and for you. Free beings do not leave the world indifferent in its path. These are our pillars as a fashion brand.

Skulls in art and music.

Skulls and catrinas have a strong presence in fashion, art and culture in general. You can find this symbol in almost any artistic expression. From paintings of the Renaissance or in the purest surrealism, to reaching the POP culture, Punk, Hip Hop, urban art and of course Rock.

The last one is undoubtedly the greatest exponent of this powerful symbol. Not only is it invoked in its dark letters and full of mysticism, it is also present in everything that surrounds this genre. The dress, the tattoos and the darkness itself of the rock lifestyle. There is more to see some covers of the most famous rock bands in history to realize the skull is its emblem and badge.

La Catrina, a symbol of rebellion and struggle

catrinas de skull GB

And, how to forget about Catrina. That enigmatic character reinterpreted so many times.

In the nineteenth century in a Mexico convulsed politically, socially and economically during the government Benito Juarez, Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada and Porfirio Díaz. Some Mexican engravers, illustrators and cartoonists made fun of the system through their works in combat newspapers, as was El Hijo del Ahuizotle. Among them stand out Jesé Guadalupe Posada with his satirical works where the skulls represented the reality of the moment. In 1913 Posada presented in a metal engraving “La Calavera Garbancera” to make fun of the chickpeas (people of indigenous origin, but with the pretense of being European, denying their roots and culture). This was the first mention of La Catrina.

But it would not be until 1947 when the painter Diego Rivera painted it with the iconic feather hat, making it La Catrina. From the first appearance of the Calavera Garbancera until its evolution in La Catrina these works were always accompanied by literary skulls (calaveras literarias o calaveritas.)

La Catrina is currently the most representative image of the Day of the Dead. It has become a symbol of Mexican culture. They have infected the world and today we find them everywhere, from beautiful makeup works to the popular Catrinas tattoos.

Conclusion We are skulls

Skulls permeate our culture almost since the beginning of time. They are the representation of our own being and at the same time you have that mystical and spiritual air that connects us with another world. Throughout the history of humanity they have always accompanied us either as an object of shamanistic power, as a reminder of our existence and the fragility of it, in art, even of many of us we wear this symbol tattooed on our skin. The skull is an icon that represents who we are and we love it

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